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Stellar Structure and Evolution Simulator

Intermediate Level Interface

For multiple stars input into the mass or metallicity fields,
separate by commas and/or spaces.

Mass of Stars
Masses are in solar units and must have values between 0.1 and 120 solar masses. You must enter a value or values for the mass to run the simulation.
Metallicity of Stars (Optional)
Metallicity is the fraction of a star's composition that is made up of elements heavier than Helium. Metallicities must have values between 0.0001 and 0.03. If no values are input, metallicities will be chosen for the stars automatically.
Evolution Tracks (Optional)
If the checkbox is checked, the simulation will create evolutionary tracks on the HR diagram for each star as the star evolves. If it is not checked, the simulation will just evolve the star without creating its tracks on the HR diagram.
Evolution Tracks On

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