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Thin Disc Simulator

The M51 galaxy
ddr-galaxy output

ddr-galaxy is a thin disc N-body code designed and constructed for astrophysics pedagogy. It aims to promote intuitive understanding of galactic dynamics in thin discs, by offering a "hands on" approach to galaxy simulation.

Users may choose from a variety of physical and simulation parameters, which are then used by ddr-galaxy to generate a video of the simulation. Different versions of the simulator are available depending on your level of knowledge of the subject.

Beginner: This page contains sample simulations created by the ddr galaxy team that the user may view to get an idea of how varying different parameters affects the simulation.

Intermediate: This is a scaled down version of the simulator in which only a minimal number of the available parameters are requested from the user.

Advanced: Here is the complete simulator with all available parameter inputs.

Additionally, there is an information page that gives a brief description of the parameters used in the disc galaxy simulator. More detailed information can also be found in this scientific paper written by the original creators of the disc galaxy simulator.

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