Computational Astrophysics:
The Digital Demo Room

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Credit: excerpt from Hubble image by Jeff Hester, Paul Scowen (Arizona State University) and NASA

Welcome to the digital demo room! This site is dedicated to the advancement of astrophysical knowledge through the use of computer simulations. Several simulators are available here covering various research areas in modern astronomy. Each subject includes sites for beginners as well as advanced researchers, providing newcomers with a taste and basic understanding of the subject matter while also allowing more experienced users a means of just getting on with it! Enjoy!

Please note that this site is currently under development. Some of the simulations are still in progress and we are continually working out the bugs, so if you don't yet see what you're looking for or it doesn't seem to be working correctly please be patient and keep checking back.

Available Simulators:

Disk Galaxy Dynamics:
Watch as large numbers of particles transform into familiar galactic patterns as you set up differing physical parameters.

One Dimensional Hydrodynamics:
A general one dimensional hydrodynamics simulator that lets you set up conditions and watch the evolution of various waves or fluids.

Stellar Structure and Evolution:
A simulation to study the structure and evolution of stars.

Two Dimensional Hydrodynamics:
Here you can create two dimensional simulations of the magnetized collapse of particle clouds.

Simulators Under Development:

Supernovae Explosions:
What could be more fun than blowing up a star?

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under grant No. AST 00-93091

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